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Medical Research Centre - FMUP
Medical Research Centre - FMUP

The University of Porto is an institution of creation, diffusion and of knowledge application among the diferent scientific areas. In particular, the Faculty of Medicine has contributed significantly to the scientific, technological and humanistic training of physicians and other health professionals, therefore improving the population's health. For this purpose, this faculty is qualified in granting a degree, master and doctor, assuming the execution of scientific and technological research in the fields of Medicine and other Health and Life Sciences. So, the 3rd studies cycle in Palliative Care is fully within the institutional strategy of training offer, given the mission of the University of Porto, in general, and the mission of the Faculty of medicine, in particular. This studies cycle is the natural result of the academic project of the graduates in Palliative Care (2nd studies cycle in Palliative Care of FMUP is now in its 6th edition and 70 students have already been awarded a master's degree), as well as of many physicians and other health care professionals who wish to acquire skills in research and practice in palliative care. Furthermore, and despite the very diverse training offers at the University of Porto, both at the level of master's degree or doctorate, the 3rd studies cycle in Palliative Care has occupied an important gap at this level, as there is today a strong demand for this type of training throughout the country, by which students were forced to resort to foreign universities for the doctoral level training. This program occurs in partnership with important and prestigious universities and health institutions at national and international level including AngloSaxon institutions but also Portuguese speaking which will also contribute to further internationalize the University of Porto, either by disclosure of this initiative or by the frequency of foreign students attending this studies cycle. Partnerships will be developed with the following institutions: Rice University, Texas, (Prof. H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr.), Kent University, UK (Prof. Andrew Thorn), St Christopher's Hospice, London, (Prof. Nigel Sykes) Federal University of São Paulo UNIFESP (Professor Mark Bossi), State Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Prof. Clovis Constantine), Portuguese Oncology Institute Porto (Prof. Gonçalves Ferraz, Paula Silva.), INFARMED – National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, IP (Dr. Eurico Castro Alves), Family Health Unit of São João Porto (Prof. Pinto Hespanhol), Nursing School of Coimbra (Prof. Amado Martins).



Administration: FMUP
Coordinator: Rui Nunes

Any graduate with the bachelor or master degree in Medicine can apply for the Ph.D. in Palliative Care, as well as graduates in other areas of biological, life and health sciences. It could also be accepted the application of graduates of other scientific and professional backgrounds after careful analysis by the scientific committee of the program. Other graduates with a proved capacity that attest the capacity for the accomplishment of this Ph.D. can also be accepted by the scientific committee.
Language: Portuguese
Accreditation: 180 ECTS

Ordinary students: 2750 €/yr (full time) or 2062,5 € /yr (partial time); International students: 7500 €/yr (full time) or 5625€/yr (partial time); International students (CPLP): 3750 €/yr (full time) or 2812,5 €/yr (partial time).




Positions 2018/19: 10

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